BSL started as a photo supply and film store in Brentwood near the corner of Barrington and Sunset in 1976.

Barrington - Sunset - Lab. At that location, BSL was a photo lab where you could purchase all types of photography equipment and have film developed. However, one hour photo came along and made a lot of shops like ours ask themselves questions. Many products from those days are still here in our space and are available for sale, including cameras, filters, and various other vintage supplies.

BSL pivoted into digital imaging and has been doing giclee printing and high resolution scanning ever since. We take advantage of some very unique and hard to find tools, including a Linhoff 4x5 camera with a Better Light digital back, useful for extremely high quality art photography.

Come see us in Santa Monica to discuss how we can work together on your next project. Or call us at (310) 998-9188 for further information.

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